Towelroot APK Download

Towelroot APK Download for Android (V3,V4,V5 All Versions)-2018

Towelroot APK Download for Android (V3, V4, V5 All Versions)-2018

Towelroot APK Download: Hello, Today I will show you about Towelroot APK Download. If you have an Android device and wish to root your smartphone then this post is exactly for you. In this article, I have presented a guide on how to download towelroot apk for android. And also, you will get to know the best method of rooting an android phone using the towelroot app. And also, all the towel root versions are present here including towelroot v3towelroot v4 and towel root v5 2018.


Download Towelroot APK V3, V4, V5-All version

Towelroot APK Download


What is Towelroot APK?

Towelroot APK Download

Basically, towelroot apk is an android application which helps to root an Android smartphone in a click of a second.

The app is developed by Goehat. And it is a very good competitor of kingroot.

The difference between kingroot and towelroot is that towelroot can root an android running 2.3 gingerbread. While kingroot is not compatible with older versions of Android.


Why Download Towelroot APK?

  • No PC/Computer is required to root an android smartphone.
  • No data is lost while rooting an android using towelroot.
  • It supports most of the android smartphones.
  • One of the easy way to root an android device is to make use of towelroot.
  • No technical knowledge is required to root an android using the towelroot.
  • The size of the application is less than 1MB.


Requirements to root android using towelroot apk:

  • You need to have an Android Smartphone running Android 2 Gingerbread and above.
  • An internet connection to download the application.

If you have these two simple requirements then you are good to move ahead towards the towel root.


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How to download and install Towelroot Android APK

Installing and rooting an android using the towelroot is quite easy. Follow the following instructions to root an android smartphone using the android root apk.

  • The first thing is to go into settings of your phone and make the unknown sources switched on.
  • In settings section, you will find security section. In security, you will find the unknown sources, turn it on.
  • Now download the towel root apk of your choice from the downloads section.

Towelroot APK Download

  • Click on the apk file of towelroot and hit on Install.

Towelroot APK Download

  • The installation of towelroot will begin. 

Towelroot APK Download

  • It will start installing the towelroot app.
  • Once the installation of towelroot is completed, open the app.

Towelroot APK Download

  • Click on “Make it rain” and your Android device will be rooted in less than a minute.

Towelroot APK Download

  • In this way, you can root your android using towelroot application of android smartphone.


If you wish to remove frp from your mobile then you should download the frp bypass application.



1.Towelroot V5

2.Towelroot V4

3.Towelroot V3


If the towelroot app did not work for you then you can take help of iroot apk or 360 root.


Final Verdict on Towelroot Android App

In this post, I tried my best to cover all the concepts of the towelroot app which are required for rooting a smartphone. I have used this app for the first time in 2015 and I must say that this is an amazing android rooting apk. I hope you have successfully downloaded the towelroot. If you have any doubts regarding any towelroot versions(towelroot v3/v4/v5) then you can ask them in the comments area. I will try to figure out doubt with the best possible answer.

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